Johnny  O - Las Vegas Comedy Cabaret Magician for hire at Entertainers Worldwide
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    Johnny "O" Magic

One of Las Vegas’s funniest and most astonishing performers! Take a look around and learn more about Johnny ”O”, a man who is as clever as he is funny. With more than 35 years experience Johnny is a sure fire crowd pleaser. This experience gives Johnny the ability to perform in some of the most demanding situations such as his Tour for the troops Here in America and Overseas! Johnny’s humor is wild and exciting without being offensive or vulgar, because of this he can work a for a senior citizen home during the day and a hip comedy club at night. Everybody loves Johnny young and old alike. Even the toughest of customers can’t help but bust out laughing while watching Johnny work his magic on the audience.

So if you’re looking for a real pro, look no further.

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